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Friday, 18 May 2018

A Reality of Realities

Written by Mathew Naismith

Within this one specific 3rd dimensional reality, how many realities that are 3rd dimensional experienced? It's insurmountable, now how many realities can be experienced within the whole of existence? It's literally infinite in number; there are no limitations to the realities that can be experienced. This also means that we, even while experiencing a 3rd dimensional reality, can experience other realities that are not 3rd dimensional.

Thích Quảng Đức is a prime example of a 3rd dimensional being, experiencing another reality while still of a 3rd dimensional reality. Thích Quảng Đức was a Buddhist monk who sacrificed himself in 1963 by setting himself alight, this was in protest of the present South Vietnamese regime's harsh treatment of Buddhists at the time. Quảng Đức wasn't the only monk to do this.

It is said that these monks where drugged, going by my own experiences, it is most likely that these monks where not drugged.

It was my misfortune, as such, to experience an ongoing painful chronic disorder from an early age. The tasks I performed through my life did not reflect my physical and mental disorder, in actuality most of the times I seemed normal with no noticeable difference to the average person. The majority of my tasks, probably 95% of my tasks, were conducted without drugs, pain killers. Yes, to a certain extent we can become conditioned to a condition that might seem overwhelming to others, this however does not account for chronic disorders.

It's not that the monks didn't feel anything, this is in accordance with my own experiences. They simply nullified or softened the effects of a chronic disorder or experience. This is done by putting oneself into a different reality; certain psychotic drugs do this as well as something as simple as music.

One other thing, I know I go on about this a bit but for a very good reason, stay away from the perceptions of negatives and positives. What would a dark negative energy source desire you to perceive this kind of energy to be? Demonic, toxic and negative, this kind of perception simply promotes this kind of energy; in actuality these perceptions give this kind of energy more energy, not less. Just simply be....... 

Monday, 14 May 2018

Rocks and Sticks

Written by Mathew Naismith

I do tend to look at our environment in a different way than most people; this in turn creates peculiar/strange perceptions, perceptions seemingly not of the present conscious mentality.

What will be will be of course.

Rocks and sticks refer to a human conscious mentality that has been, for thousands of years, using rocks and sticks to defend what they have claimed to be theirs. This also includes claiming ownership of someone else's ownership!! 

So what has rocks and sticks got to do with today's mentality? Bombs have simply replaced rocks while missiles have replaced sticks, same mentality changed by human consciousness becoming more knowledgeable, of course this is different to becoming more aware and especially wise. So does a consciousness becoming more knowledgeable denote a consciousness evolving, especially considering that the mentality of the consciousness has not changed/evolved itself?

Let's now look at human consciousness in a different aspect to get a better idea of human consciousness at present. When you lose one of your five senses, let's say vision, the other four senses are often heightened, meaning, they become more sensitive to the environment. Have not our 3rd dimensional aspects become more heightened through the loss of our knowledge and awareness of the other aspects of our dimensional self? As quantum physics is discovering, we are not just 3rd dimensional or even primarily 3rd dimensional, we are far more it would seem. Being unaware of our other dimensional selves has simply heightened our 3rd dimensional aspects, 3rd dimensional senses thus negating all other senses.

And we are wondering why we still have the same old mentality of thousands of years ago!! The environment around us is forever evolving, however, human consciousness seems separate to this natural state of evolving in turn stagnating its evolutionary progression. We are like the crocodile, stuck in a cycle that will eventually end in human consciousness not evolving into another consciousness......             

Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Lotus Flower

Written by Mathew Naismith

While sitting on a floating lotus flower on a still pond, one is of the observer and the participator, the observation of one sitting on a lotus flower on a still pond. The question is, is the lotus flower big enough to carry you or are you small enough for the lotus flower to carry you? The answer is of course both as both occurrences are occurring simultaneously at the same time.

I should point out that this was just of a conscious state I found myself in recently, don't take it seriously or to heart.  

To be an observer, one has to have something to observe, as quantum physics has discovered, it's observation that creates occurrences, not occurrences creating observation. In saying this, what is observation without occurrences, without participation? One is never without the other which means participation is as important as the observer.  

It is a trick in our present state that it's either observation or participation; it's quite difficult for us to even perceive, while in participation, we can also be in observation of our participation. Also, it's our observation that creates our participation, our reality and related perceptions and perspectives. Of course being in this state of observation, while in participation, can only occur while in a different conscious state than our present state of consciousness, a state predominantly influenced by participation.

It's also advisable not to perceive that one state is higher or lower, positive or negative, to another, for one to be aware therefore experience this state. Any kind of separation simply makes us less aware, not more aware. In actuality, while in a true state like this, it is impossible to perceive in higher and lower, positive and negative, for everything becomes as one.

Floating on a lotus flower on a still pond is quite significant, especially if this kind of experience was not induced or desired. The significance being that it just is without separation, there is simply no desire to be within this state above all other states as all other states become just is. All states are what they are without bias/prejudice or separation created by a desire to be of a certain state.

It's amazing what occurs when you are aware of something you don't desire to experience or be apart of, it just simply occurs without effort. Effort means to try to be positive over negative, good over bad, right over wrong. Any desired state experienced in this way is false in nature no matter how real it might feel, simply let go.......   

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Limitless Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is what I mean about wisdom and synchronicity, words of wisdom leading to synchronicity, creating a synchronistic moment within the present. Considering that I was going to write about how we don't become aware but simply become less consciously limited, the follow remarks by Kim were well timed.      

Onederfully said Mathew <3 The separation is illusionary. So basically the collective is all there is, where simultaneously the collective is an illusion as well. I hear what you say and recognize this in me. Question is how separated we truly are when we experience ourselves to be separated...

My Reply
As you said Kim, separation is an illusion as we only perceive separation.

This is inline with the next topic I am going to write about; we don't become aware, we simply become less consciously limited to certain specifics like 3rd dimensional aspects. There is nothing new in knowledge or awareness as knowledge and awareness are not governed by time, however, aspectual time related consciousness is limited by perspectives and perceptions. Perspectives and perceptions fragment awareness, therefore consciousness, giving a perception of a new awareness/knowledge.

Indeed, awareness is not of time therefore governed by the same limitations as time or 3rd dimensional aspects. No matter what we become aware of or create through knowledge, the creations that awareness has created have always existed as a pure state of awareness. What I mean by a pure awareness is there are no separation of awareness therefore bias therefore limitations within this state. For an example, a state of bliss is not preferred over and above a state of chaos; only in conscious states of limitations can this be the case.

States of limitations simply refer to states of consciousness where awareness is fragmented (divided) in numerous ways, usually through specific ideologies, especially the ideologies that are consciously limiting. Of course not all ideologies are consciously limiting to certain specifics.

Look for ideologies that teach unconditional acceptance, for only in unconditional acceptance can a true sense of unconditional love exist. An unlimited ideology will teach you acceptance rather than separation from desired aspects over others, yin from yang, negative from positive and so forth, of course this isn't for everyone as always........      

Looking Beyond

Written by Mathew Naismith

I do receive some interesting queries and replies at times that send me off writing again, it's as though some people are able to incite the inner most awareness from other people without much effort.

Sorry for this Mike, you started me off again which isn't unusual for you; you seem to have a knack, an ability for it.  

Enlightenment: Education that results in understanding and the spread of knowledge.
(Hinduism and Buddhism) the beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnation; characterized by the extinction of desire and suffering and individual consciousness.

Enlightenment to me is of a state of the extinction of desire and suffering and individual consciousness that is reached through awareness. Could a collective consciousness, as opposed to an individual consciousness, become this aware? Looking from a human perspective, I would say no. Looking from a more open and aware consciousness, most probably and likely.

Indeed Mike, 3 dimensional realities consist of both polarities, after all it's these polarities, and at times opposing polarities, that create 3 dimensional realities like this. We do have a choice to be either expressive of opposing or unifying polarities or both. Our present human reality is imbalanced because there are few unifying expressive polarities being expressed; it's either one or the other in opposition to the other to an extreme.

If I was to counteract the negative opposing polarities, people and their expression, with extreme positivity, does this give balance to a reality? There is no balance to be had in separation, only further imbalance; it's basically what a lot of new age spiritually aware people are doing.

Imagine an old fashion scale; one side represents positive and the other negative. Now imagine the positive being further extended on the arm than the negative, how is this balance? It's the same if both polities of a scale were excessively extended, the further away both polarities are away from each other, the harder it is to obtain balance. The last thing we should be doing is distancing (separating) ourselves from the whole, from the pole that holds the arm of the scale. The closer we are to the pole, the easier it is to obtain balance.

You could look at the pole and the base of the scale representing the source of creation (God), the closer we become to this pole (the creative source), the easier it is to obtain balance in any dimension. You can't ascend into another so-called higher dimension without first being accepting, especially if the dimension is of unconditional love. How can you become unconditionally loving without first being unconditionally accepting? This is exactly what a lot of people are trying to do, become unconditionally loving void of being unconditionally accepting period. In actuality, people who are supposed to be more unconditionally loving, void of being unconditionally accepting, have less and less acceptance, not more acceptance.

It would seem on their part we are simply against these people and their ideologies, this couldn't be further from the truth, it is the way they think sadly enough. We are simply trying to help them to become aware that you can't be unconditionally loving without first becoming unconditionally accepting, even and especially while in a 3rd dimensional reality.

Acceptance doesn't mean we have to become what you accept, it simply means accepting what is for what it is. We know not what we do, if we did, we simply couldn't and wouldn't do it; this is the way it is.

Can we ascend (evolve) to a more aware consciousness in turn giving us piece on Earth?  If our consciousness is going to stay 3 dimensional, I would say not. We must evolve on from being of human consciousness, what a lot of people call ascend, to obtain this on a collective scale, a huge ask. It would have to take a huge shift in consciousness, a shift away from being non-unconditionally accepting to start with. As we personally know ourselves Mike, this is not easy under the present circumstances.

Kim Passie also brought foreword some interesting queries within his remarks.   

My Reply
Human perception is that neutrality is between negative and positive, it's the balancing force between negative and positive like old fashion scales. This is true in a sense.

However, neutrality is an entity all of its own, it's not really a part of negative and positive but it can balance out negatives and positives. Negative and positive acting/being as one is simply neutrality, it basically neutralises negatives and positives in a state they are no longer needed in.

Indeed Kim, just because neutrality can exist between positive and negative, doesn't make it of positive and negative, it's a completely different entity. It's like a triangle; neutrality is the pinnacle of the triangle so neutrality is indeed above positive and negative. Neutrality is between negative and positive but more importantly above more than between.

If neutrality was on the same line
or level as positive and negative, you could clearly say neutrality is between positive and negative but as you say it's not, not really.

Wow Mathew <3 This is Onderfully put.... I actually felt this, this morning <3 I realized that neutrality can be seen as the space in which positive and negative happen...

My Reply
Well stated Kim, you seem to have grasped wisdom very well. To comprehend wisdom is one thing, to understand wisdom is another. You can tell who is really aware and who isn't in the queries and remarks they express. The people who have wisely learnt from their environment instead of suffered from their environment. You seem to have stopped suffering from your environment, you have basically neutralised the environment around you it would seem. 

A good example of suffering is excessive positivity in counteraction to suffering. Suffering has created a reaction of excess positivity, in actuality the positivity in this case is primarily based on negative suffering. There is a difference between negative and positive suffering. What is neutrality based on? Neither or both in neutrality to each other, this is why this state is so aware; there are no biases to start with.

Today's westernised spirituality is all about feeling good, usually in counteraction to the suffering, insurmountable biases. How do caring loving parents treat their children? They will suffer for their children so their children may not suffer, they will often give while going without themselves, is this negative? 

Spirituality, wisdom and awareness isn't all about us feeling good, it's about finding a balance in life while suffering yourself to save others from suffering at times, like caring loving parents. Is suffering negative when we learn from it and give so much? Feeling good quite naturally occurs when we become aware of this neutral state; this is without feeling good on the back of suffering. This feel good isn't based on suffering but a state of neutrality as neutrality isn't in counteraction to anything.

Good to hear that you don't just comprehend neutrality but understand it too.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

In Hope or despair??

Written by Mathew Naismith

Indeed, many people today are disheartened, discouraged and/or less hopeful of the future of humanity, humanity, to more and more people, seems to be descending into its own demise, its own end.

It's important not to discount atheists feeling like this, in actuality they can feel just as much if not more disheartenment than anyone else of any other ideology or ism. The atheist dilemma is seeing that ideologies that promise the world or deliverance, deliver very little, in fact deliver quite the opposite. If the ideology of love and light is so powerful void of lifting a finger, why are things noticeably getting worse instead of better in the world? Understanding about a true sense of unconditional love and acceptance myself, that is beyond 3rd dimension aspects, the ideology of love and light should work in this way but its not, quite the opposite is occurring.

One of the fundamental elements a quantum physicist needs to be a good quantum physicist is to be able to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional aspects. Two particular ideologies come to mind that do this as well, Taoism and Hinduism. To one degree or another, religion gives us a perception beyond 3rd dimensional aspect, the perception of God, void of being just of a 3rd dimensional man that is, is a prime example of this.

It seems that the 3rd dimension is going to hell; there is no hope, only despair!!

The 3rd dimension isn't going to hell, its only man's perception of a 3rd dimension that is going to hell. Is the rest of the 3rd dimensional aspect of the universe going to hell? No, even when the universe has reached the end of its cycle, as everything does that is created and governed by time, 3rd dimensional aspects still exist beyond 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions. Just because there are different dimensions or some perceive, levels of dimensions, doesn't mean one perception of a dimension, a so-called higher dimension, instantly destroys a so-called lower dimension once a consciousness becomes aware of a so-called higher dimension.

Everything exists simultaneously, all at the same time, just because a consciousness has become aware of a more aware consciousness, doesn't mean the less aware consciousness no longer exists, it simply seems to not exist within the presence of a more aware consciousness. I do say seems to not exist for a good reason, the reason being that everything exists in the now, the present, even what was created by time.

To comprehend this you need to first comprehend and then understand beyond 3rd dimensional aspects, this is not easy because we are primarily conditioned to think in 3rd dimensional aspects. Within other dimensions, 3rd dimensions exist without the perceptions of physicality, in actuality 3rd dimensional aspects don't need mass or physical being to exist. Some scientists have concluded that atoms are not of a solid substance, considering it's these atoms that mass are perceived to be created from!!

Once you become wealthy, does this mean poor people no longer exist? So once you become more aware, does this mean a consciousness being less aware no longer exists?  It simply means your own conscious perceptions have become more aware, this doesn't negate all other kinds of awareness; only within your own perceptions can this be so.

Within any dimension, 3rd dimensional aspects can be experienced; it's just that 3rd dimensional aspects are but a part of a reality instead of primarily being most of, if not all of, a reality, a perception. In actuality the more aware a consciousness become, the more everything becomes as one. Just because man's perception of his 3rd dimensional reality is going to hell, doesn't mean that all 3rd dimensional realities are going to hell. Trying to run away from this kind of reality by becoming more aware is simply not going to work, not in reality. Where is the oneness in this?

Are ideologies like love and light supposed to influence man's 3rd dimensional reality?

The main consensuses is that, on a personal level, we are suppose to go onto a 5th dimension, in truth, it's a separation from one level of consciousness from another, from a toxic (negative) vibration to something far more positive.

I can't think of too many truly aware and wise like Jesus, Buddha, Sama Darshanam, Rumi, Confucius, etc, that desired to personally only be aware of a consciousness outside of 3rd dimensional conscious aspects. If one kind of conscious awareness is present within another kind of conscious awareness, the influence of change is meant to be. For example, if a 5th dimensional aspectual consciousness is present within the 3rd dimensional consciousness, the presence of the 5th dimensional consciousness, within the 3rd dimension, is meant to influence 3rd dimensional consciousness.

If you know your human history, you will know that we are playing out the same cycle over and over again; we are simply not evolving from this cycle as I am sure we are meant to do. If we were not meant to, why have a perception of God, giving us a perception outside 3rd dimensional aspects? Why have so many other consciousnesses that exemplified a consciousness outside of 3rd dimensional aspects?

As quantum physics is proving, we are simply not just of 3rd dimensional aspects and we are indeed meant to evolve from this as a collective.

So is there hope or is hope simply a fantasy, a delusion of circumstance? One must look beyond 3rd dimensional aspects to have hope, if not, only despair will exist for those on the receiving end of man's 3rd dimensional aspectual reality.

Note: These words are my own so please don't take them to heart, they simply reflect my own reflections and experiences.                             

Saturday, 14 April 2018

A True Positive Perception

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all perceptions are, "The representation of what is perceived; basic component in the formation of a concept". Concepts are often based on a negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right, etc; perceptions are simply to do with the way we look at our environment and ourselves. A good example is the formation of an ism or ideology which is often based on these concepts of opposing polarities, two opposite attributes or tendencies, atheism and religion, God and man, yin and yang, etc.

When one side or attribute is perceived as excessively positive, this instantly makes the opposing side excessively negative. The more perceived the positive is of one side, the more negative the opposing side becomes. So being excessively positive actually creates more and excessive negatives, not less. This is not a true example of positiveness; a true example of positiveness is perceiving the perceived negatives less negatively, not more negatively. In actuality working with the negative rather than running away from them or ignoring them because they are so negative!!

I will explain myself better by using a scenario as follow.

Who would a wealthy person embrace if there was only a choice of another wealthy person, a positive, or a wretched poor person, a negative, to embrace? Now, who would a spiritually aware person embrace, if there was only a choice of a positive spiritual person and a negative non-spiritual person to embrace? The scenario outcome is exactly the same, as the perceived positive person will always be embraced over and above a negative person. What if I told you that a true positive person would always embrace the negative person first and foremost, even if this takes them out of their own comfort zone?

What you have is the same exact mentality between a wealthy materialist and a spiritual aware person. The western spiritual perception of this is, materialism is of a 3rd dimensional consciousness where the spiritual is of a 5th dimensional consciousness. Not sure how this works when both mentalities express the same attributes or behavioural patterns!!

A 5th dimensional consciousness is supposed to entail a consciousness to be unconditionally loving, unconditionally accepting, unconditionally compassionate, etc. What we are talking about here is levels where human consciousness evolves to. The main point here is levels, where normally with levels one level is successfully completed to go onto the next level of consciousness. What level of completion, in a 3rd dimension, is there while excluding all excessively perceived negatives from the equation? A 3rd dimensional level can't be completed unless one can embrace all as one. This is clearly not occurring and in actuality quite the opposite is occurring.

Being excessively positive is simply creating excessive negatives in the first place, to go on from this and create even more negatives isn't of a 5th dimension consciousness, it's purely of a 3rd dimensional conscious mentality. 

A 5th dimensional consciousness simply neutralises the negatives by embracing them first and foremost. Being positive has nothing to do with creating excessive negatives and more negatives overall, or, ignoring these insurmountable negatives because they are excessively negative, it's about embracing all as one.

You must understand, this age is known as the age of false prophets, this simply means an age of trickery and deceit especially upon ourselves by ourselves. If you look at the world around us, where isn't there trickery and deceitfulness? We have simply been tricked into thinking we are positive in our thinking when we are not; to someone like me this is too obvious. We are simply trying to separate ourselves to what we have perceived and critically judged as being negative, separation just simply doesn't exist within a 5th dimensional consciousness.

To put it plainly, human consciousness will not evolve to the next level of consciousness with this kind of mentality of separation, not that I believe in levels myself. Levels simply give us the perception we are not at a certain stage or level of evolving, it really is just a perception we have. To see this one must first see everything as one, if everything is as one, where are the levels? Evolving to me simply means awakening, an awakening that everything is as one no matter how much we desire to separate ourselves from what we desire not to be of. 

Does yin and yang, positive and negative exist? Yes, but the perception of how negative and positive they are is really just based on our personal perceptions, no more. To evolve from human consciousness, as we have evolved before, doesn't incorporate us to accept less and separate ourselves more from everything, it takes quite the opposite.

To a lot of spiritually aware people, posts like this are excessively negative; I have simply lost count how many times I have been called negative just by simply pointing out the obvious and truth. Labelling everything that is not of our own vibrations negative is simply not being positive, far from it. This kind of separatist mentality certainly will not lead to evolving consciously, if anything a regression of consciousness.

True positiveness isn't excessive expressions of positiveness, far from it. True positiveness is all about embracing the negatives, in turn, turning them around to become anything but excessive negatives that need to be avoided at all cost.

Fear of what is negative will only create excessive negatives to be feared even more......M G Naismith