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Friday, 18 August 2017

Pleasure Centres of the Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

As the following explains, the pleasure centre is a part of the brain that gives us a feeling of enjoyment; this enjoyment is often referred to by the ego as a positive. Of course we can become so addicted to this enjoyment that we, the ego, will most often refer to everything that isn't of this enjoyment as being negative and even toxic; this is why in Western spirituality that there are more judged negatives at present than ever. Yes, to be honest, a lot of us are in this state.

Let's say we are into light and love or materialism or anything else that excites our pleasure centre. Everything else other than what excites our pleasure centre often becomes negative or we deliberately become ignorant to the things that don't excite our pleasure centre. What people like me write about is often critically judged as being negative and even toxic, mainly because it doesn't excite the pleasure centre, in actuality, awareness often takes away the enjoyment from our pleasure centre. Let's be honest, we are presently just as much if not more focused on what enjoyment our pleasure centre gives us than ever throughout human history.          

Extract: You may have heard that the brain has a pleasure center that lets us know when something is enjoyable and reinforces the desire for us to perform the same pleasurable action again. This is also called the reward circuit, which includes all kinds of pleasure, from sex to laughter to certain types of drug use.

How many Western spiritually minded people deliberately ignore everything around them that doesn't give enjoyment to the pleasure centre these days? Now, how often is everything not conducive to the enjoyment of the pleasure centre critically judged as being negative and even toxic?

Let's say I am an empath, a person who feels their environment, is everything that doesn't excite my pleasure centre negative? No, but to a lot of empaths and spiritually aware people this has become the case it would seem. To be truly spiritually aware, of a state that Buddhism calls pure awareness, a state of pure bliss to the ego, everything that doesn't excite the pleasure centre of our mind isn't negative or bad. Just because the feelings we get don't excite our pleasure centre, doesn't mean it's negative, it simply means it doesn't excite our pleasure centre. Of course the pleasure centre being about pleasure, the pleasure centre is often controlled by the ego, not just of the ego but controlled by the ego, it is wise to become aware of this in my mind.

Yes, as of any time in human history, we are controlled by the ego, meaning, the ego is in control of our reality just as much if not more than any other time in human history. Let's be honest with ourselves, it's presently all about exciting our pleasure centre while deliberately staying ignorant to anything that threatens the pleasure centres enjoyment. In actuality, lets' be truthfully honest even more, we are living more in fear than ever in regards to Westernised spirituality.

A state of pure awareness means we become aware of everything, not just to the things our pleasure centre desires. If I was to only become aware of the things that excite my pleasure centre, would I be truly and honestly spiritually aware? This state of pure awareness has nothing to do with exciting the pleasure centre, and that everything else that doesn't excite this pleasure centre is negative. Are we truly going to experience the kind of bliss found in this state of absolute pure awareness by only being aware of the things that excite our pleasure centre? There is absolutely no infinite bliss to be found in continually exciting the pleasure centre because the pleasure centre is pure ego, not pure awareness. Yes, we will find that by exciting the pleasure centre we will momentarily feel blissful and happy, of course the ego being the ego, it always desires more and more excitement, more and more pleasure.

Being truly spiritually aware has nothing to do with continually exciting the pleasure centre. Considering that to excite the pleasure centre all the time takes the deliberate ignorance of everything that doesn't excite the pleasure centre, this kind of state has nothing to do with awareness. There is no awareness in this, just pure and utter deliberate ignorance construed by the ego in control to keep the ego amused, happy and excited.

Can this state of pure awareness, a state where there is no separation and where one becomes one with everything void of the limitations of pleasing our pleasure centres, give us feelings of bliss and love? Going by my own experiences, I would say yes, but you must realise, it's only the ego that can feel pleasure, for it's only the ego that needs to feel pleasure to exist. So in all, in our present state of ego, we will feel pleasure, however, it is wise to be aware that it's the ego in control that desires to be only aware of what excites it's pleasure centre, not just of the physical brain but of the non-physical mind as well.

As usual, what I have written here will not excite too many people's pleasure centres, the actual truth about ourselves as a whole rarely does. Please, be aware that a true state of awareness isn't all about pleasing our pleasure centres, of course the ego in control will, as always, state otherwise. Simply, don't allow your pleasure centre, the ego; to control you while becoming truly aware as opposed to partially aware of what pleases the pleasure centre that is apart of  us all. Be aware that (all) pleasures felt are of the ego, also, don't try to control the ego and it's pleasure centre, but don't allow it to control you either.     

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Book of Life

Written by Mathew Naismith

I am presently trying to assist the painter in painting our house

I am at present reminded of the time at school when the pencil/pen would simply drop from my hand. I remember while doing exams that I was incapable of picking up the pencil/pen; I of course was simply physically incapable of finishing exams way back then.

The moral to the story is, accomplishing anything physical for me is a huge accomplishment, especially these days. You simply cannot tell a book by it's cover when the cover is only a preview of what really is within the book itself.

The cover shows I don't take painkillers, this means in accordance to our own book I am not in trauma, certainly not as in as much trauma as people who do take painkillers. I also try to do things without complaint. The cover simply does not tell the whole story or even one part of the story, the cover is what it is, a cover for the story, nothing more.

Does a crippled up body from an accident or a stroke tell the true story of a person?

You simply cannot tell a book by it's cover but many people do, in actuality, a lot of people mistakenly read the cover and perceive that they have now read the book.

Life as whole is like this. The cover shows all we are is of physicality when the book itself tells us so much more, but only if we are willing to desist in perceiving what the cover tells us what the story as a whole is all about..........

I have had a chronic injury since I was six (6) years old. Because of my awareness and connectedness to the book itself instead of the physical cover of the book, I was able to do things in life that I was suppose to be physically incapable of doing. There is simply so much more to the book than it's cover. The cover is limiting, the book itself isn't.

On face value there is a message in what is written here, however, deeper down there is another message, one is of the cover, the other of the book itself. We can either perceive awareness by it's cover or be of awareness by reading the book itself, preferably before we perceive what the book is all about in accordance with it's cover.

Yes, the cover tells one story, the book another, which one do we really want to live life by!!             

Monday, 7 August 2017

Existing by Past and Future Events

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is obviously going to be a follow on from my last post. In the seven (7) odd years of sharing my insights and changelings through blogs, I have never really touched on (written) this subject before, probably because I seem to exist and create my own reality from the present rather than from past and/or future events. Yes, people like me are guided by past and predicted future events, but we never base our present existence on past and/or future events.

Conditioning: Consider this, why base our present on predicted future events, either constructively or destructively? It's all to do with fear. If we predominantly focus on a predicted bright secure future, we do this out of fear of the present. This makes sense to a fearful person to do this because the present is anything but secure, so to obtain a sense of security, we predominantly focus on a predicted secure future. The same is with focusing on an insecure future, like the end of the world for example; it's all based on fear. So why not just focus on the present and not mention about past or future events? Many of us are simply not aware of what we are doing. Instead of moving away or evolving (ascending) from an existence based on fear, we are escalating further into fear at a phenomenal rate.    

As we are conditioned to time, we are also conditioned to fear, this doesn't mean that time is based on fear though, it means that within time fear can be experienced or not. As time is all about starting and ending points, we can either go with the flow of these starting and ending points, either it be of actual life and death, rich and poor, hungry and satisfied, which is of fearlessness, or we can try to go against the flow which is fearful. I do find that the Western mind is more fearful than the Eastern mind, probably because the Eastern mind from birth was once conditioned to go with the flow where the Western mind is conditioned to go against the flow; of course this is just my opinion.

Western Mind: How many Western minded people take on, become aware of, Eastern practices like living in the present but still predominantly base this present on a predicted future event? When an Eastern mind takes on living within the present, they don't base this on some predicted future event, like so many western minded people obviously do today, they predominately focus on the present while only being guided by the past and future.

Yes, as the world becomes more predominately of the western mind, we will experience more of a reality based on fear. How many people fear looking old today or fear losing some material possessions? Yes, this kind of fear, to one extent or another, has been around forever as the Western mind is not just of Western people, it's of all people. I today relate materialism to the Western mind as most western people are conditioned from birth to materialism, especially these days. Materialism is purely based on fear, the fear of not having enough to the fear of not having it at all.

It is too obvious to people like me that we are presently using the past and the future to create the present instead of using them as a guide. The ironical thing is that the past and the future is unable to exist without the present, everything relies purely on the present, instead of this, we are conditioned to believe everything is created from past and future events. The present is of and created from past and/or future events, in my mind, this simply isn't the case, or more precisely, need not be the case.

Illusion: Is it an illusion that we base the present on past and future events? Seen as everything is of the present, I would say it's an illusion. Consider this, if we base the present on future events like many people are doing today, what then will create this predicted future? The act of becoming aware of a predicted future and living in the present of this predicted future, changes the flow that creates these predicted futures. There are far more predicted (prophesised) future events that haven't happened than have happened, could this be due to the fact we are tampering with these future events therefore changing their flow by simply being aware of them and living the present by them?

In my mind, we need to learn to use the past and future simply as a guide and not to create the present based predominantly on past and especially on future events. Leave the present alone to go with the natural flow of the present, within this, I believe that these prophesised predictions of security, peace and love will materialise, if not, we will change these predictions to anything else but of security, peace and love.

Manifestation: So if we focus on predicted future events of security, peace and love, will this not manifest this within the present? In my mind, absolutely not. The reason for this is simply based on that it's the present that creates everything, not a manifestation of a future event to influence (change) the present. Ask yourself honesty why you are looking for the future to change the present. The answer to this is fear of the insecurities of the present, so we try to manifest a present from a predicted brighter future? This is of course is instead of changing the present itself to something of security, peace and love.

We have not just judged but critically judged the present as something negative, something to have disdain for and fear, within this, we have based the present purely on some kind of favourable predicted future event. We simply don't want to work on the present as it is, it's too negative, so we try to change the present based on a more favourable future event. When everything is created from the very present, this seems a strange thing to do, base the present on future events, in the process, inadvertently changing these future events to something less favourable.

Inadvertently, by predominantly focusing on brighter predicted future events, we are creating the less favourable prophesised predictions instead in my mind. As soon as we base the present in anyway on fear, the outcome of this fear will naturally create something less favourable, in our case this simply means creating the less favourable prophesied predictions within the present.

If we all learnt to just simply be within the now (present), in my mind, all of what is favourably predicted would quite instantly materialise. Take away the effects of what a past and future, negative and positive, black and white, have upon us, all you are left with is the now, yin and yang as one.  

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Only Within the Present

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is only my opinion, but be wary of anyone who is primarily focused on the future/past. I had a friend recently present something to me from another person that was supposed to be spectacular. Anyone guiding people while being primarily based on future events, in my mind, should be avoided at all costs, even if this includes ascension symptoms primarily based on future events. You will find that most, if not all, ascension symptoms are primarily based on predicted future events.

Yes, the future and the past will give us ascension symptoms if we are focused on the past and/or future. Now honestly try focusing on the present only, you will find that ascension symptoms simply don't and can't exist within the present. To have any kind of ascension symptom, there has to be a strong acknowledgment and focusing of ourselves of a past and/or future. Of course the more we focus on the now/present, the less symptoms we will have for a very good reason, ascensions symptoms need a past and /or future events to exist. Yes, ascension symptoms do exist because we simply allow a past and future to exist as our primary focus.

I wrote the following to my friend on this matter.

OK, I am not too concerned about where we are going but how we are getting there which is in relation to the now. I find people like Aluna are more focused on the future than the now. Anyone focused primarily on the future/past, are obviously primarily of the illusion/ego. These people will often use various marketing ploys to keep themselves within the scheme of things, in the limelight.

These people often talk about judgment of others but how often are they themselves in critical judgment of others themselves? I am a good example of her, not just simple judgment but critical judgment. 

Also, why be so worried or focused on the future when the future is already written, secure?  It's a con; the ego has these people in its full control, this is too obvious.

Live within the present for all else is defined by the present only, for everything else but the present is an illusion.......Mathew G

How often are we guided to live within the present? Now, how many of us live by what we preach within living in the now? Too often we are primarily focused on the future which really doesn't exist. Aluna is obvious within being primarily focused on the future. Aluna is making a huge mistake in my mind; this is unless all Aluna desires is an audience.

Look for the people who are primarily focused on the future when the future is supposed to be secure in accordance within their beliefs/predictions. If the future is suppose to be so secure, why not then focus on the present when the future is already written and secure? It simply makes no sense when people like this are primarily focused on a secure future to an insecure present.

The past and future are already written but the present isn't....Mathew G

Consciousness isn't this limited to past and future events Glenys.

Be wary of anyone focusing primarily on the future Glenys. Our ascension symptoms seem to have everything to do with future events with these people, huge mistake in my mind.

 Ok yep can see your point
Now to a lot of people this might seem unfair or even toxic of me mentioning people who are guiding numerous other people further into the illusion, not away from the illusion. Yes, these people are ascending but ascending further into the illusion of time based realities of past and future events, not away from them. If it's acceptable to lead people further into the illusion, why isn't it accepted to point out how people are being misled? Everything is created from the present, not from some future predicted event and why put so much focus on a future that is secure when the present isn't secure? Would it not make more sense focusing on the present when it's the present that creates everything?   

Consider this, can a past and future exist without the present? Seen as all future and past events where first created from the present at that time, the answer is categorically no. Now, can the present exist without a future or past and the answer is definitely yes, but of course to anyone primarily of time based realities of past and future events, the perceptions of the present being able to exist void of a past and future is going to be incomprehensible, and understandably so.

As I have stated before, time itself has always existed, this also means so has a past and future, however within the present there is no starting or ending points, no past or future. Only within time can anything be created from a starting point including time itself, you simply can't create a starting point within the present without time also being present.

All this means is that time, therefore past and future events, have always existed, however, what we primarily focus on in the present creates the present. If we focus on the past and/or the future, this will be the present. If we focus on the now, the present, this will be the present. So the idea of focusing on a secure future seems to be the way to go as the future then becomes the present. However, while primarily focusing on a secure future, we are not being of the present which creates the future for which we are primarily refocusing on at present.

The illusion is that future events create the present when they simply don't. Many of us are sadly being guided down this very road by others who are simply living for the future instead of the now, the present, which create future perception of future events. Yes, we can exist by creating our present from future events but it's simply not advisable, mainly due to the future is anything but secure and is limited to certain events. Being that time therefore past and future existence is limited by starting and ending points, it's a bit silly to continue to limit our own potential in this way. The present is simply limitless within it's motions where's a past and future is highly limited to certain events, do we won't or need to continue to limit ourselves to time based realities?

Yes, we can continue to delude ourselves in thinking that the future and past create the present when it's always the present that creates everything within it's entirety. No, there is nothing wrong in continuing to seemingly create the present from future events, but is it wise to do this, not just continue to do this but ascend even further into these delusions? 

To my readers, try to avoid anyone guiding other people who have based everything on future events, focus on the now is my best advice here. Security is created within the present, not the future for it's the present that writes the perceptions of the future. 

The following photo shows my Nephew Jimmy and me approximately 28 years ago. The photo event is of the past but the event itself is always of the now....... 


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Acknowledgment and Appreciation

Written by Mathew Naismith

In a recent discussion, a person of the name of Ron mentioned about appreciating the natural energy flows around us. Ron brought up the question about, "But does all this really matter?" This question was in relation to being appreciative or not of the various different natural energy flows or footprints around us. Ron of course thought it matters and of course I concurred.  

Acknowledgment is one thing; appreciation of what is being acknowledged is another thing. I think this is simular to being aware or knowledgeable while being wise to know how to use this awareness or knowledge. How far and in what direction can we take our acknowledgment of the natural energy flows around us if we don't appreciate them? To me, this is the same as, what direction has our present knowledge void of wisdom has taken us? Ron is quite correct in my mind, an appreciation of our acknowledgment goes a long way and yes, it does matter as it makes a huge different to our journey.

As wisdom is important in guiding our awareness and knowledge, so is appreciation of guiding what we acknowledge, the appreciation of the natural energy flows or footprints surrounding us, not just acknowledgement void of appreciation. Take away wisdom from awareness and knowledge, what do you have? Something that is unguided. Take away appreciation of our acknowledgment of the natural energy flows around us, what are you left with? Something that is unguided, an energy flow of extremes expressions void of balance and moderation. What again are we presently experiencing? The destruction of what we acknowledge but don't appreciate, mother Earth it but one of many of these unappreciated energy flows.        

Acknowledgment of the spiritual is one thing; appreciation of the spiritual is quite something else.......

The following is my discussion with Ron if interested. 

"Crystalline Consciousness: A lot of people's egos might laugh at this but we are connected to our physical environment more than most of us are aware of. It's by no mistake that we are attracted to certain crystals or minerals that other people aren't attracted to. In saying this, we can also be attracted to certain elements because that is what we need at the time to give us balance."

G'day Mathew.
Great truth in this paragraph, especially our vibrational or energetic connection with our natural world.

Leaving aside the ego for a minute.

Think we see things as solid because we are looking at them from a 3 dimensional point of view.

As we expand our consciousness or awareness allowing our DNA to change and be upgraded.

The body in which we live may begin to change into an energetic or crystalline physiology or form.

Feel we may well then see everything as physics is now beginning to appreciate.
In an energetic or vibrational point of view.

My Reply
Ah, this figures from you Ron as you also seem to believe that we, if we want that is, can or will evolve into a crystalline life force physiologically and consciously. 

I think it's the consciousness that defines our vibrations and subsequent form/physiology. Of course how aware a consciousness is has everything to do with this, maybe the less aware the consciousness, the more dense the matter.

I have the funny feeling the people who comprehend this, come from some kind of life force like this before experiencing a denser form of existence. 

Interesting feeling that you have.
The impression of remembering the vibration or energy we exuded in a previous time, so to speak.

Being blessed with Mother Kundalini.
Personally feel she contributes and may even dictate this body's vibrational footprint.

But does all this really matter?
What matters is our appreciation of the vibrational message or energy we feel from ourselves and surrounding us in nature.

It is the shared energy in this Oneness as opposed to being separate, which to this heart, is so special.

Enjoy your weekend :-))

My Reply
Indeed Ron, very well articulated and a very good point. It certainly matter if we have an awareness and an appreciation, if we don't, we create realities like we are experiencing at present in my mind.  How many of us at present are truly aware and appreciative of this kind of energy flow?

I think what you have stated here needs to be shares around Ron, if you don't mind, I would like to insert our discussion here in a post on my blog.

I look at this way Ron, I am a guest to the present energy flow, I have no right to try to change this energy flow as a guest, however, I do have a right as a guest to be influential upon the energy flow of the host. The host being an energy flow of a controlling ego, our present existing reality. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Crystalline Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

My error, I thought I was going to be channelled in relation to this topic I know very little about. Within my own quietness recently, a vision of a crystalline conscious reality vividly appears, I also feel I am apart of this crystalline consciousness as many people of today seem to be. Usually when I experience vivid visions/insights like this I'm channelled, oddly enough not this time around. Anyway, here I go.


As science is finding out, what is perceived to be of solid form is in actuality not as solid as we perceive, this also includes crystals. This of course doesn't mean that everything perceived as solid is an illusion; all it means is that there is more to solid form than we first perceived. 

A lot of us are becoming aware that there is more to us than what we were conditioned to perceive, this doesn't or shouldn't make everything that we were conditioned to perceive an illusion as in fake. What we were conditioned to perceive was simply not the whole truth, only part of the truth.       

As the ego always tries to do, there is only one answer to everything question, meaning, there is only one absolute, one true alternative when in actuality there can be numerous answers to a singular question, numerous true alternatives completely void of limitations. Everything of solid mass and is associated with solid mass is now suppose to be an illusion; this of course includes anything that is of solid crystalline form!!

Often when a consciousness finds out it's more than it was lead to believe, that everything it was lead to believe in the first place is an illusion. Part of a truth perceived is not a true illusion, only an illusion that it was not of the whole truth. What I find strange is that numerous ideologies throughout the ages presented various perceptions that we are more than of solid mass. At no time, except through general science and atheistic ideological views, were we not informed, to one degree or another, of being more than of solid form/mass.

You will find that most of us still believed we were only or primarily of solid form, this is why we now perceive that everything of solid mass is an illusion, including crystals.

Going beyond the perceptions of the ego doesn't mean that everything that the ego perceived was an illusion, in saying this, the more control the ego has over us, the less of the truth we become!!

An ego; in control naturally expands or contracts the truth, making the truth only part of the whole truth. In expanding the truth, the ego now perceives an ultimate state or reality of one kind or another and that everything else is an illusion. In contracting the truth, the ego states this is all we are, solid mass/form or we are only truly of some kind of ultimate being or state.

As of everything of solid form, crystals are a representation or an abstract expression of it's non-physical state, a state of pure consciousness void of mass or form.

Consciousness itself is vibrational; it's simply vibrations created from various frequencies that make up a certain vibrational signature, this is why there are so many different kinds of consciousness's, they all, as crystals are from iron ore or emeralds, have their own unique vibrational signature, there own unique type of consciousness. The reason why people look different and act different is due to their own unique vibrational signature, there own unique consciousness.

Each crystal also has it's own unique vibrational signature as we do, this is why we resonate with certain crystals or elements of a particular mineral. Why are the wealthy attracted to diamonds, gold and platinum, and people like me are not? It's basically to do with the ego that creates the consciousness we experience and express, it creates a certain signature that only resonates with certain elements, certain vibrational signatures. I personally have an attraction to silver at present, which probably means my consciousness is inline or in tune with the elements of silver.

Crystalline Consciousness: A lot of people's egos might laugh at this but we are connected to our physical environment more than most of us are aware of. It's by no mistake that we are attracted to certain crystals or minerals that other people aren't attracted to. In saying this, we can also be attracted to certain elements because that is what we need at the time to give us balance.

It would seem that within our reality, gold, diamonds and platinum, represents a certain type of consciousness/ego that seems materialistic, so what type of consciousness/ego do crystals represent?

My visions of this kind of crystalline consciousness refers to a well balanced moderated existence of all energies, basically, all energies are seen and acted upon as equal to all other energies. This kind of consciousness also seems to be of a different kind of ego, an ego that isn't in control or being controlled. It would seem at no point is the ego being controlled or controlling, in actuality, this kind of consciousness seems to be void of any kind of control at all, there is simply no need or capability of one controlling the other.   
Imagine being in a reality where you can't control anything but you are also not being controlled, there is simply no perception of control, it just doesn't exist. It will of course be very difficult for a controlling ego to imagine this; it's simply incapable of doing so. Even if the controlling ego could imagine this, it wouldn't desire to imagine a reality/consciousness like this. The ego exists only because of the perceptions of control, either it being controlled and/or controlling, it's always in fear of becoming non-existent.

We are conditioned to perceive crystals as a solid mass, to me; this detracts away to what crystals truly represent, a well balanced moderated consciousness that can be expressed or represented in solid form/mass like with everything of consciousness. Consciousness simply represents motion of one kind or another, one kind of ego or another.        

I came across a couple of videos below that only a certain consciousness will resonate with, please enjoy.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Simply Ego Void of Control

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought this was something else I wrote and wasn't going to post, instead it seems I was waiting for the second part of this post to materialise.

The second part to this post is titled Crystalline Consciousness, a consciousness of the energy of crystal void of physical properties. In this state of non-physicality, the energy of crystals is much greater. As of everything physical, crystals owe their existence to non-physical factors or influences.


The sun is one of the biggest controlling factors within our solar system, it's also one of the most destructive and violent, far more violent than all the humans at present as a collective could express. Of course if our own reality is negative, how negative would this make the sun? Compared to whatever humans can do while influenced by a controlling ego, the sun would have to be totally demonic but it's not. This is but another reason why I try to stay away from the perceptions of negative and positive.

We are guests, not just to the ego but to the controlling ego, of course an ego in control could never see it like this for this kind of awareness would greatly diminish the egos control over us. As I previously wrote in a post, "It is wise to remember that we are guests in a controlling egos reality, always have been, however, what lies beneath these factors is utter bliss.

The problem lies within the control of the ego itself, it simply negates this bliss for the sake of control over and above this bliss, for within this bliss there is no control, only being."

A controlling ego, like the sun or even our spouse/family members, take away bliss that is infinite in nature and replaces it with another kind of bliss that the ego is able to control at will. Of course not everyone under this kind of control will experience bliss but to one extent or another many people will. Of course as history shows, this kind of bliss is finite in nature; it simply doesn't last or is lasting as of everything controlled by a controlling ego. How long does a love for a family member or a spouse last when they become totally controlling?

This is the ego in control so what is ego void of control?

I wrote a while ago about an insight depicting a crystalline sun instead of a gas ball sun, basically a sun of pure crystal. A sun of crystal is infinite in nature; it is able to exist eternally, however, instead of the sun controlling everything it influences, crystalline suns are influenced by the inhabitants that exist under, or more precisely with, this kind of sun. In actuality, crystalline energy sources are not suns but are still able to sustain biological life, in actuality, because they are completely stable and in balance with all within it's influence, it is able to sustained biological life a lot more securely. Take away an insecurity, you take away a fear!!

The ego in control will of course categorically state that a crystal like energy sources supporting biological life forms could never exist, or anything else that is not controlling/dominating, you know why? A crystalline energy source like this isn't in control, the biological life that is influenced and supported by this kind of energy source is. Actually, there is no real control, only a cohabitation of equal value, a reality based on balance instead of an imbalance. This is the last thing a controlling ego wants and especially needs to know or exist as a controlling factor.

It would seem if we take away the controlling factors of the ego, the ego would be non-existent, this simply isn't the case but can be the case. If you take away the control of the ego, what you are left with is ego void of it's control. When we are able to be influential void of the ego being in control, this is balance due to a cohabitation of equal value of energy sources. One reliant on the other to exist, not one in total reliance on the other like in fear of the other of their control over us, but a coexistence free of fear altogether.   

I honestly believe we could influence the sun to become crystalline, of course I believe this would take us to take our consciousness into a totally different dimension that isn't controlling, dominant or destructive in any sense.

Can we be expressive of an ego that isn't in control or being controlled? In my mind absolutely, however, for a mind that is controlled by the ego, never, this of course is but one of numerous limitations of the ego mind in control.

I thought I would end this post by inserting a few relevant responses to other people by me in relation to this topic.                      


Look at it this way. The sun is controlling as everything of the ego is, so in a real sense, the ego has always had control in realities like this one.

Humanly, indeed, the ego hasn't always been in control by the controlling ego in a human sense.  I think realities like this one, the universe as a whole, is conducive to a controlling ego, not just ego. 

Are there realities that are just of the ego void of a controlling ego?  I believe so.


I think anything controlling and/or desiring is of the ego. Our sun is controlling, this is ego so everything within this control is also ego otherwise I doubt it could exist within this kind of reality.

I think the purpose of ego is creation for all of creation is ego. It's like an expression or motion of something that is motionless, Buddhism calls this motionless state pure awareness.  All of creation is simply the motion side of motionlessness, the yin to the yang if you like.

Is everything of creation not truly of solid mass? While this pure awareness is being expressed as motion, it is, when being simply being of pure awareness it's not. The ego as always needs to force a singular or ultimate answer when there isn't one in my mind, consciousness as a whole isn't this limited.


A wise interrogation, is the ego related to our memory loss?

Ego is motion for without motion the ego isn't able to exist, for example, as we quieten the mind, we experience less ego for there is less motion. Basically, instead of focusing on the quietness, we focus on motion which creates ego, the more motion expressed, the more egoistic we become, our present reality shows this. Because we are focused on motion, we forget what we are, we become the participator instead of the observer, in the process of participating forgetting what we are.